• Did you ever wonder how to help your children succeed at school?

  • Did you ever wonder what your children are learning as they play?

  • Would you be interested in some new ways to keep your children busy in a fun and educational way?

Then you would be interested in the book described by this web site called Learn to Play - Play to Learn. It is written by Susan Munzer, an Early Childhood Education profesional with over 30 years of experience. The book, as its title suggests, looks at the relationship between playing and learning.

Young children spend most of their early years playing. While the children are playing, they are also learning. This book examines this relationship and gives you ideas on how to help your children learn basic concepts and ideas while they are playing which will help them succeed later on in their life. To back up these ideas Susan shares with you close to 100 of her self made toys and stories including photographs and patterns.

In addition to information about the book, you will also find examples of other peoples projects, links to other interesting sites, and a message board where you can discuss topics related to the book. We hope you enjoy the site!

If you have any comments or questions please contact the webmaster Marc at "marc at munzer dot net".